Sep 12

Easy-To-Do Roof Maintenance Tips To Avoid Roof Repair And Replacement

As the days become colder and shorter, the sign of winter starts to approach. While winter is an enjoyable season, it does bring with it a plethora of problems including many roofing issues. During the winter homeowners tend to face numerous roof issues including ice dam formation, damage to the property, and condensation. These problems are tough to manage in the winter said a worker from South Jersey Roofers because of the weather conditions, but it is possible to avoid the issue with the correct roof care during the fall season.

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Fall is the best season to prepare the house for winter, but this does not mean that the weather issues will be removed completely. So, even if you did all the roof repair and maintenance work before winter but are still facing problems, do not despair it is possible to have these fixed. In this article some easy roof maintenance tips will be provided to help you avoid any roof repair or replacement during the winter months.

1. Fall Roof Maintenance

During fall, it is recommended that you inspect the roof for damage or deterioration. If any damage or deterioration is discovered, it is advised that you have it fixed immediately. In winter you will need to be more vigilant checking regularly for icicle build-up or ice dams on the roof. Tip: use a roof rake to eliminate excess snow build-ups on the roof during winter.

2. Flashing And Chimney Repair

If you notice any leakages or droppings in the house, on the roof or around the chimney area, it could be a sign of flashing leaks. A leak in this area could damage the chimney as well as the roof; therefore, it is essential that you have the chimney and flashing inspected carefully in the fall. If something is wrong, have it repaired immediately. If you opt to repair the situation using a DIY approach it is important that you pay attention to the temperature so that the adhesive used does not freeze.

3. Shingles Repairs

The shingles on a roof can be repaired or replaced at any time in the year; however, you do need to pay extra attention to ensure that the material does not break or crack beforehand. If you understand the properties of the material and know how to repair the shingles, then go ahead and repair them. If you do not, then it would be better to hire a roofing repair professional instead of trying to fix the roof and potentially causing further damage.