Feb 17

Options for Modular Aluminum Trench Shields

There are a variety of aluminum trench shields made for all kinds of individual project needs. Choosing the right type of modular shield involves knowing what your project entails. Modular aluminum trench shields have different designs and strengths.

Purchase these directly from manufacturers or their authorized distributors. Many of the top-quality trench shields are made either from extruded aluminum or from aircraft grade aluminum. These trench shields can be used with small excavators or backhoes.

There are corrugated modular aluminum trench shields and smooth-walled shields. The corrugated units are lighter than steel shields. They can be made to function in both hydraulic and static configurations. They are all made to provide enough clearance for comfortable and safe work.

Image result for Options for Modular Aluminum Trench ShieldsSizes vary depending on the type of shield chosen. Corrugated shields come in heights of six to eight feet tall. But, you can also order custom sizes if your job requires them. You can also get struts to add extra support for the shield.

Smooth aluminum shields also work for both hydraulic and static jobs. The hydraulic units have manifolds and lines that run to connect the hydraulic struts properly. These are heavier than the corrugated aluminum shields but they offer greater clearance. These can give about four feet of clearance to the two feet that the corrugated units offer.

Some manufacturers offer a steel-framed aluminum shield. This is a combination of both steel trench boxes and aluminum boxes. These units are something to look at when you need something modular but sturdy and easy to transport. Crews can make better use out of the smaller, lightweight modular systems.

Visit your manufacturer’s website to get more details, specifications and uses for all the configurations they sell in aluminum modular shields. All products and systems should meet or exceed the OSHA regulations for your satisfaction and for everyone’s safety.

A variety of job sites and requirements make it necessary to know that you have many options for trench boxes and shields.  Whether the job involves telephone cables, utility lines, sewer lines or pipes and their repairs, you will find the perfectly sized aluminum shield when you compare products available from top manufacturers.

Some manufacturers make it easy to buy the items you need. You simply locate it on the website and click to add it to the cart. For other manufacturers, you may need to buy the shield through a distributor.