Sep 07

Tips For Choosing A Sprinkler System Company

Installing an automatic sprinkler system at your home is a convenient way to keep your lawn green and beautiful throughout the year. Without one of these systems, watering your lawn can be a real hassle. Along with having to remember to turn the water on, you also have to move the sprinkler around your yard periodically. Watering can take up an entire evening, cutting into the time that you should be spending relaxing or hanging out with your friends and family.

If you do decide to have a sprinkler system installed, it is extremely important to choose the right irrigation contractor. Here are some tips for selecting a sprinkler system company that should help you make the right choice:

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1. Look for highly-rated irrigation contractors in your area. The Internet is a great resource when it comes to checking the ratings and reviews of local companies. A simple search can reveal a lot of information about the contractors providing sprinkler installation services in your area. Make a list of three or four contractors who have good overall ratings.

2. Learn more about the contractors on your list. Spend some time viewing the website of each of the companies that you jotted down in the previous step. Look for information such as how long they have been in business, whether or not they guarantee their work, and what type of training they have. You should quickly be able to gauge whether or not a company seems like a good fit. Write down the phone number of any companies that peak your interest.

3. Get estimates. The next step is to have a representative from each of the remaining companies on your list come to your home and give you an estimate for how much the sprinkler system would cost. Although you can get quotes over the phone, they will be much more accurate if the installer is able to actually view your property in person. Once you have the quotes in hand, you can compare them to see which company offers the best deal. As with all home services, you should have a written contract in place before the company you choose begins installing your sprinkler system.

Working with a sprinkler system company is a great way to take the hassle out of watering your lawn. A qualified, experienced irrigation contractor can design a sprinkler system for your home that keeps your lawn looking amazing all year long.