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Apr 28

Retirement Plans, Benefits and Savings

Retirement plans are employee benefit plans that are set up or maintained by an employer or a union that will provide income after the individual worker retires. There are different types of plans, including the 401(k) plan, and the defined benefit plan. Most people who work in the private sector are covered by ERISA, which …

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Sep 03

Top Family Law Practice

Is it time to set up a family law case and make sure it is handled the right way? Good legal representation is not going to happen on its own and that is why a solid investment is essential. Here is what a quality family law firm like Holtz Law, deems important. Professional Professionalism is going …

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Apr 22

Understanding The Texas Liquor Law

There are many differences around the state of Texas when it comes to the liquor law. Of course, there are standards that have been set by the laws of the state, but each county and even municipality has the ability to make the law even more stringent. This can make it very confusing for those …

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Feb 10

How To Find The Best Disability Lawyer

Finding the best disability lawyer is critical in ensuring a desirable outcome for your case. However, not every lawyer that specializes in cases regarding disabilities will be trustworthy or reliable. It’s a simple fact that there are good and bad lawyers and being able to differentiate between the two is incredibly important. With this in …

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